New Research: Reframing Gun Safety in America

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New Research: Reframing Gun Safety in America

New Research: Reframing Gun Safety in America


We are pleased to announce the publishing of a new report based on a study we conducted with the Gun Safety Alliance. See the press release below for more information, or view the paper in its entirety here




Gun Safety Alliance (GSA) Issues A Communications Guide For Reframing Gun Safety In America 

The Report is the First in a Series of 2023 Initiatives that GSA is Rolling Out to Reduce Gun Deaths in the US by 50% by 2030 


Under the new leadership of Executive Director Brian Monahan, Gun Safety Alliance (GSA), a non-partisan organization that exists to increase connections and coordination across supporters of gun violence prevention (GVP) today released, A Communications Guide for Reframing Gun Safety in America


Monahan is a 30+ year marketing executive and Global Client President, Dentsu. His mother was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Monahan succeeds GSA’s founding Executive Director, Carolyn Everson. Everson remains an active member of the board. 


Grounded in research conducted by independent research consultancy, Alter Agents, A Communications Guide for Reframing Gun Safety in America:

  • Examines widespread perception that the U.S. is polarized on gun violence prevention and there is no common ground; exposing it as a fallacy. 
  • Dispels two key myths: 
  1. There is no common ground
  2. There is nothing to be done
  • Demonstrates that there is:
    • Significant common ground between gun owners and non-owners. 
  • Recommends how the findings showcased in the report can be used to help align conversations to promote common purpose, and inspire effective action to reduce gun violence in the United States.


The research that informed A Communications Guide for Reframing Gun Safety in America found:

  • More than nine in ten gun owners and non-owners agree that gun safety is the responsibility of all gun owners and
  • More than 60 percent of gun owners and 77 percent of non-owners view gun violence in the U.S. as extremely or very serious.


According to Monahan, “As the guide also underscores, we also discovered that there is language, messaging and framing around common sense gun safety laws and practices that will appeal to a majority of Americans – including gun owners. Referred to as the Responsibility Framework, the reframed language shows significant potential

in engaging both gun owners and non-owners alike, and across the political spectrum.” 


In summary, words matter. Despite the polarizing rhetoric often used in the media,

A Communications Guide for Reframing Gun Safety in America illustrates that there is a clear pathway to creating greater agreement through the right framing of this

critical issue, increasing the likelihood that effective policies addressing gun violence

will be enforced.


Since its founding, GSA has remained committed to: 

  • It’s mission of helping to reduce gun deaths in the US by 50% by 2030 by:
    • Marshaling private sector resources to• Mobilize pro-bono marketing talent
    • Mobilizing pro-bono marketing talent and donated media
    • Providing resources and coordination across the movement


As GSA has evolved, this has raised over $500K in donated media and helped design and deliver a mix of strong campaigns, including Global Action on Gun Violence and America is Calling. It has also helped GVP leaders to apply for media grants and leverage marketing best practices-based “playbooks” to achieve their goals more efficiently. 


During GSA’s Q4 2022 Town Hall, the organization also announced its growing calendar of 2023 initiatives, including: 

  • How to report an illegal handgun
  • Campaigns, including Colorado Ceasefire and LockDown Live 
  • The recruitment of a standing pool of donated media impressions 


GSA encourages all GVP leaders, journalists and organizations committed to educating Americans about gun violence prevention to:





Founded in 2014, Gun Safety Alliance (GSA) is a non-partisan alliance that exists to increase connections and coordination across supporters of gun violence prevention (GVP). Today, more than 130+ individual gun violence prevention organizations and allied groups have aligned and joined GSA in support of their shared vision of reducing gun deaths in the United States by 50 percent by 2030. While each of these organizations has their own approach, priorities and programs to reduce gun violence, all believe this reduction is possible if everyone – politicians, businesses and civil society – does their part.


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