Talking Brand Category at the Insights Association NEXT Conference in Chicago

Insights Association NEXT Conference in Chicago

Talking Brand Category at the Insights Association NEXT Conference in Chicago

Our CEO Rebecca Brooks is heading to Chicago this week to speak at the Insights Association NEXT Conference, an event that was developed for leaders from the market research and consumer insights industry. This year’s theme centers around transforming the path to insights, with a focus on real-world applications of technology that can positively impact outcomes.

Rebecca will be sharing her insights on the stage when it comes to the new way that market research must approach the changing shopping model. Her talk, “From Automatic to Enriched: Navigating the New Purchase Funnels,” will cover how brand category directly affects purchase behavior among consumer groups. She will answer questions that directly affect the way we approach research, including:

  • How can challenger or newcomer brands in the “everyday” category move customer from a “thoughtless” automated purchase of an existing brand and create opportunities for trial and purchase?
  • How can brands with which consumers want personalized experiences start to stand out from the crowd and engage target audiences?
  • How does market research need to shift, and what questions do we need to ask, to accommodate these varied purchase funnels and get the best insights?

She will talk about the impact that technology is having on the way we shop and the increasing diversity of paths to purchase. Rebecca maintains that research needs to first understand which path their client’s customers are on and then how best to uncover insights that will affect growth.

At the conference, there are also several speakers who will cover new innovations in the space surrounding technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation and much more. At Alter Agents, we are agnostic when it comes to technology and don’t subscribe to any one system over another. We often help clients curate the right technology for their specific needs, and pride ourselves on the expertise to work with a wide range of systems. We are looking forward to hearing about some of the latest advancements at the show.

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