We write for Forbes about rising shopper promiscuity

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We write for Forbes about rising shopper promiscuity

For years, Alter Agents has been exploring the fall of brand loyalty and the rise of what we call “shopper promiscuity.” Our latest research shows that these trends are continuing and even accelerating in part due to the pandemic. Our CEO Rebecca Brooks writes about these concepts in her latest article for Forbes, “Shopper promiscuity in a COVID-influenced world.” 

In the article, she covers some of the findings from our most recent study into shopper behavior, diving into differences both in product category and generational habits. She writes: “The way people shop has fundamentally changed as people have turned to entirely new purchase journeys during the pandemic that are likely here to stay, at least in part.” This reality is due to factors such as consumer expectation of innovation, barrier-free access to any products and a reprioritization of shopping behaviors based on personal values and beliefs. 

Because traditional approaches to market research don’t accommodate these “drastic changes to the consumer mindset”, we must start thinking differently – moving away from “brand narcissism” and toward understanding each shopper. Some considerations that brands can address to make this shift include:

  • Focus on the shopper’s experience – what motivates them, where they are finding their information, what information they want and exactly what is influencing their final purchase decision. 
  • Remember brand may not be a consideration at all – shoppers are searching and filtering based on price, reviews, and features, and brand is low on the list. 
  • Try using alternative methodologies and approaches, beyond a brand tracker, that gives you “powerful information that promotes real business outcomes.”  

She concludes the piece with: “The truth is that we have entered a new reality for brands and market research. Brands and shoppers are having different conversations. When that happens, the information brands use to drive their business decisions ends up leading them astray. To succeed in the future, brands need to acknowledge promiscuous shopping behaviors and start seeing the world from the shopper’s point of view.”

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