Stop Catching ZZZs when it comes to marketing to Gen Z crowd

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Stop Catching ZZZs when it comes to marketing to Gen Z crowd

Stop Catching ZZZs when it comes to marketing to the Gen Z crowd

The next generation of consumers, those born between 1997-2012 (ages 6-21), are coming into their own and shaping up to have unparalleled buying power in the vicinity of $150 billion. Angela Woo writes in a recent article on Forbes that it’s time we wake up and start paying attention to a generation that has its own unique characteristics.

She writes that marketers should take note that Gen Z has never known a world without unlimited digital access. This, and other factors, make the Gen Zers unlike any generation before them. Angela says that some of the most important points we should realize are:

  • Gen Z’s digital world exists predominantly on mobile, which has a large influence on how they consume media and products. Marketers need to have a mobile-first (or even mobile-only) strategy in order to effectively reach these consumers.
  • Privacy is a concern for Gen Z, but it’s not that simple. They want their interactions to be transparent and authentic yet also secure. Marketers need to strike a balance between privacy and personalization when interacting with this generation online.
  • Social media influencers play a critical role in the shopper decision making process. Marketers need to recognize the importance of influencers (whether it be everyday people or celebrities) and pay attention to the importance that Gen Z places on trustworthiness, honesty and relatability between them and the product.
  • Gen Z knows marketing, which makes the way that marketers interact with them under even more scrutiny. Honest transactions, honest brands, authentic voices and experiences are ideas that marketers have been practicing with millennials for the last decade. They become even more important with this group.

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