The shift from brand-led to consumer-led: what retailers need to know

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The shift from brand-led to consumer-led: what retailers need to know

A recent letter from Jeff Bezos to Amazon shareholders sparked an idea for Alter Agents’ founder, Phil Dance. In the letter, Bezos wrote that he loved the way that consumers are “divinely discontent” and that these perpetually high expectations should drive brands and companies to evolve and meet these demands.

Phil wrote an article for Progressive Grocer that expands on this concept for retailers, called “Following Consumers, Retailers Should Adopt ‘Divinely Discontent’ Mindset.” He explains that brands are constantly being pushed to improve by two realities: consumers have unlimited access to information about brands and products AND brands have greater access to consumer data and information. “The better companies are at anticipating needs, the faster the improvement happens.”

He encourages retailers to avoid resting on their laurels and seek innovative ways to engage with and understand their consumers. “Companies that have set up their organizations with access to a constant stream of customer sentiment and feedback are well positioned to sense discontent quickly and develop solutions to address possible barriers.” As companies delve deeper into consumer information, they can clearly see paths for improvement.

In conclusion, Phil concedes that this isn’t as simple as it sounds. “This may not be comfortable for organizations, but as information has been democratized, expectations are ever expanding, and services need to follow suit.”

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