View Our Three-Part Webinar Series on Shopper Promiscuity

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View Our Three-Part Webinar Series on Shopper Promiscuity

Shoppers don’t think in terms of loyalty. They focus on their needs and are looking past the brand to continuously try new options to find the best fit. We call this new reality Shopper Promiscuity. It demands a new methodology that gets actionable insights based on shopper’s views.

We recently released a three-part series of webinars on Shopper Promiscuity, in which we speak with industry experts, including John Ross, CEO of IGA and Jim Lecinsky of Northwestern University about what this concept means for your brand and audience; what outside forces are influencing and accelerating this reality; and how you can take action and address it in your own business.

The rise and evolution of shopper promiscuity.” In this edition, our CEO Rebecca Brooks interviews Jim Lecinski, Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University, to really dig into the genesis of shopper promiscuity. They take a little walk back in time to their work together on Google’s Zero Moment of Truth framework and  dive into some of the factors that are accelerating this type of shopper behavior in today’s ecosystem.

The implications of shopper promiscuity on brands.” In this episode, our Chief Strategy Officer Devora Rogers talks to our long-term colleague and friend, John Ross, CEO of IGA. They discuss how brand loyalty is no longer a useful metric, and how this new reality is playing out in real life for brands. They also touch on the unbound, evolving environment in which consumers now operate, both from a product choice and information standpoint – a reality which provided the genesis for our Shopper Influence research methodology.

“Winning shoppers in an era of shopper promiscuity.” In this final episode, Alter Agents Chief Strategy Officer Devora Rogers and CEO Rebecca Brooks bring it all together by providing you with actionable steps you can take to succeed in an era of shopper promiscuity. Listen in to find out:

  • New research approaches that can help you better understand audiences
  • Ways to elevate your brand in this new ecosystem
  • How to build growth strategies based on shopper needs and priorities

Want more? Download the Shopper Promiscuity chapter of our book for free, in its entirety. 

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