Visiting partners and clients in Beantown: Our latest trip to Boston

Park in Beantown

Visiting partners and clients in Beantown: Our latest trip to Boston

She met with a couple of market research industry partners while in the area, mapping out how Alter Agents’ areas of expertise could complement and enhance existing services. We have found that getting on the same page with important partnerships like this is best done in person, as new avenues and approaches are uncovered during conversation.

In addition, she was able to connect with existing clients to better understand their data needs – and make a few suggestions surrounding the kinds of insights that could help drive their business forward. As they spoke about goals, she was able to identify gaps in knowledge and create a comprehensive plan for garnering the outcomes needed to meet those goals. This kind of “on the ground” approach to client relationships is something that we believe in strongly; Rebecca even wrote a full-length article that covered this topic on the Greenbook blog.

Beantown Statue

It wasn’t all work and no play! When you visit a city with a rich history and culture like Boston, it’s impossible to let the opportunity to check it out pass you by. Rebecca was staying near Boston Common, a public park in the heart of the city. She checked out the grounds and even had a picnic under the famous statue of Alexander Hamilton.

We’re looking forward to more adventures on the road before the year is up, so stay tuned!

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