Digital Transformation Requires New Shopper Research Methods

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Digital Transformation Requires New Shopper Research Methods

Digital transformation has been part of the shopping landscape for some time. Now, as we continue to grapple with COVID-19, our hands are being forced to accelerate that transformation. Alter Agents CSO Devora Rogers writes more about this topic as it pertains to shopper research methods for her latest article published by Quirks, titled “Shopper research options in a COVID-driven environment.” 

The World Changed, and So Must Research

Drawing on her years of expertise and tried-and-true methods she’s used in the field, she provides practical advice for those trying to conduct qualitative research in the new environment. She writes, “there is no point in trying to replicate the work we would have done in our previous reality. Things are going to change for good, whether we like it or not. After we accept this, we can start to look at safe options for teams and respondents that can guide us into the future.”

The article dives into several options that researchers can consider employing in future outreach, including:

  • Instant feedback through mobile tools that can capture experiences in real-time
  • Wearable technology and other neuroscience approaches
  • Virtual interviews (hey, we’re all experts at these by now, right?)
  • Smaller focus groups
  • Capturing online behaviors.

“Qualitative and shopper research methodologies have been completely turned upside down by the pandemic,” she writes. “In this sense, COVID-19 is forcing us to rethink and accelerate digital transformation. There are powerful options for market researchers to continue reaching important audiences – audiences who are more digitally connected than ever before.”


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