Webinar: Using Agile Neuroscience to Understand Consumer Behavior

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Webinar: Using Agile Neuroscience to Understand Consumer Behavior

What physiological processes in the brain underlie our emotions, actions, and decisions? How can we leverage our understanding of those processes to predict human behavior? It all comes down to oxytocin and the effects that hormone has on our decision making process, Neuroscientists tell us. And they’ve developed methodologies that use the body’s physiological responses to stimuli in order to predict consumer behavior. It’s the cornerstone of Alter Agents’ Agile Neuroscience research program, powered by Immersion.



Cutting edge researchers Devora Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer at Alter Agents, and Laura Beavin-Yates, SVP of Customer Success for Immersiondiscuss how pairing this innovative methodology with traditional quantitative and qualitative approaches can upgrade your research. The webinar will cover three case studies in trimodal research:

  • Gaming giant Activision used the technology to explore how esports consumers were engaging with advertising, compared with traditional sporting events
  • Snapchat turned to Agile Neuroscience to map out how millennials were engaging with video during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Broadcasting company Audacy deployed this methodology to explore trust in media and explore engagement drivers in audio media

Thank you to our friends at Women in Research (WIRe) for hosting this event!

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