Welcome Clayton Southerly to the Alter Agents team!

Welcome Clayton

Welcome Clayton Southerly to the Alter Agents team!

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our new Senior Research Analyst, Clayton Southerly. In his new role with us, he will be involved in a wide number of activities that keep Alter Agents ticking – including applying his skills in synthesizing large amounts of data and finding the story that data is telling for our clients. He’ll be involved in the overall research process, from programming and management of surveys in field all the way to developing reports that can help inform critical business decisions. He won’t stop there! You’ll also find Clayton working on larger initiatives, like marketing and business development, alongside ensuring customer success.
Before joining us, Clayton worked on tailoring massive amounts of data to client needs at Bulletin Intelligence, working with The White House, many Fortune 100 companies, and other government agencies who relied on his intelligence reports to make key decisions. Clayton holds a bachelor of arts in International Relations from William & Mary.
When it comes to his job, Clayton enjoys answering big questions and giving clients the tools they need to excel in their fields. He loves building relationships, and his empathic approach helps him make these partnerships stronger through the work he delivers. It’s not all work and no play! When he’s not delivering thoughtful insights, Clayton enjoys food and exploring from his home base in West Los Angeles.

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