What’s on the Menu for Back to School Lunches?

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What’s on the Menu for Back to School Lunches?

A look at the latest trends.

As August races on, kids are heading back to school and all the shopping and schedule adjustments that come with it.

As parents readjust to hectic mornings filled with sleepy kids, scrambling to find missing homework and racing out the door, most stories focus on shopping trends for back to school clothes and supplies. However, food decisions should also be at the top of parents’ priorities when it comes to sending kids back to school.

A recent Nielsen survey revealed that 64 percent of consumers are making a concerted effort to buy healthier foods. According to Google research, Americans are becoming more conscious about their food choices, seeking more information on ingredients and diet optimization. In short, they want to look and feel their very best, and are starting to realize that “functional food” is the key. This mindset is impacting not only the way the consumer eats, but also how these consumers are feeding their children.

As the focus on health continues to rise, brands are targeting those back-to-school grocery buyers in significant ways. In an article on Instant.ly’s blog last year, they pointed out that there’s a big focus by brands on reinventing classic foods to be more suited for school lunchboxes. This includes fewer chemicals, less fat and overall healthier ingredients. While schools may simultaneously be trying to overhaul the school lunch menu to create healthful options, many parents are looking to have more control over what their children eat by sending a lunch from home that fits their lifestyle goals.

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