Worried About Your Millennial Strategy? Calm Down

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Worried About Your Millennial Strategy? Calm Down

Millennials may not be as mysterious as you think…at least that’s what a Millennial at Alter Agents – Mike Dickerson – had to say in his recent article on MarketingProfs blog. MarketingProfs is a hub with tools for the modern marketer and regularly shares expert strategies – like Mike’s – to help their participants take marketing to a new level of excellence. In his article, Mike argues that there are prevailing myths surrounding his generation when it comes to their behaviors and impact on brands and business, and he counters these with several truths.

Some of the myths he outlines include the belief that Millennials are killing a great number of industries (like napkins and diamonds) and refusing to live a more traditional life (outside music festivals and chasing experiences). He juxtaposes these much-repeated “stories” with what he sees to be the truth about this powerful set of the population. Those truths include:

  • Millennial behavior is being driven “less by generational habits of thought, and more by the technological and logistical advances” that give them (and other generations as well!) virtually limitless access to, well, everything.
  • Millennials are struggling financially but they aren’t so different from their parents’ generation in their wish to purchase a home and settle down. They just can’t afford it.
  • Millennials want honesty from the brands they purchase. He says “It’s not about being a do-gooder, it’s about understanding your product, your brand, and your customer, and showing savvy digital natives that you know what they know, that you have accurately assessed public perception, and that your messaging accounts for this.”

Find out more of what Mike has to say – including his assessment of “zodiac killers” in the complete article here: https://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2018/33613/worried-about-your-millennial-strategy-top-3-myths-and-truths

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