Alter Agents explores the evolution of friendship with Snap

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Alter Agents explores the evolution of friendship with Snap

Snap’s “The Friendship Report 2020” is now released, based on research we conducted among 30,000 respondents from 16 countries around the globe, plus interviews with a select group of diverse anthropology, sociology, and behavioral psychology experts. The report gives “insights on how to maintain friendships, navigate endships, and stay connected in COVID-19.”

It was fascinating to dive in and examine important issues like connectivity during crisis, maintaining and navigating relationships, and Snapchat’s role in fostering and facilitating friendships. We know that right now, it is vital for people to form and nurture meaningful relationships with others, and digital connectivity is definitely a big part of this. 

“The Friendship Report 2020” highlights the changes that the pandemic has had on friendships, as well as the role of digital communication in cultivating, sustaining and strengthening them. Some key findings include:

  • Nearly everyone surveyed agreed that digital communication tools have been a vital resource in staying close to friends during COVID (93%)
  • Those who use Snapchat (54%) say they are more likely to feel closer to their friends now, during the pandemic, vs. 39% of those who don’t use Snapchat
  • Impact of life events on friendships, such as suffering financial difficulties, becoming a parent or changing a romantic relationship status 
  • Outline of respondent views on the values most desired in a friend, such as honesty, trustworthiness and loyalty
  • Insights regarding the results of conflicts within friendships, desire to repair broken relationships, and how digital methods can form connections

The new report gives insights into sentiment and behavior surrounding authentic communication and maintaining friendships, even in the face of crisis and disruption. The complete findings can be viewed here:


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