Alter Agents Explores the Evolution of Friendship with Snapchat

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Alter Agents Explores the Evolution of Friendship with Snapchat

It has been a tough year for friendship, and human connection in general. So we’re happy to release the findings from a new research project we completed for Snapchat: The Friendship Report 2020. The report explores the nature of this basic human condition, providing insights on how to maintain friendships, navigate endships, and stay connected in the face of COVID-19. It was fascinating to dive in and examine important issues like connectivity during crisis, maintaining and navigating relationships, and Snapchat’s role in fostering and facilitating friendships. We know that right now, it is vital for people to form and nurture meaningful relationships with others. Digital connectivity has never been more important. 


Key Findings

  • Nearly everyone surveyed agreed that digital communication tools have been a vital resource in staying close to friends during COVID (93%).
  • Those who use Snapchat (54%) say they are more likely to feel closer to their friends now during the pandemic, vs. 39% of those who don’t use Snapchat.
  • The impact of life events on friendships, such as suffering financial difficulties, becoming a parent, or changing a romantic relationship status is profound.
  • Honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty are the most valued traits in a friend.


The Methodology

The report is based on a quantitative survey of more than 30,000-respondents between the ages of 13 and 40 spanning 16 countries around the globe that gave us a broad, cross-cultural understanding of the roles the institution of friendship plays in different societies and the mechanics of making, keeping, and losing friends. The survey findings were contextualized using interviews with an interdisciplinary group of seventeen experts in anthropology, sociology, and behavioral psychology from key regions.


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