On the AMA blog: Busy Lives Affect How We Shop

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On the AMA blog: Busy Lives Affect How We Shop

There’s no doubt we’re all busier than ever before. How is this affecting purchase behaviors? How should brands reposition to accommodate this reality? Rebecca Brooks dives into this issue in her latest article for the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News blog in an article called “No Rest for the Weary Shopper.

In the article she writes about our research on the “promiscuous shopper” who is reacting in part due to a growing array of options and availability of information, and driving a decline in traditional brand loyalty. She writes “Where we used to be able to describe a straightforward and relatively consistent shopper journey, shoppers now have a variety of paths to get to the same purchase, whether through online reviews, social media recommendations, Google searches or more traditional pathways.” Brands must be willing to adapt to reach these consumers.

Market research also needs to shift focus away from the brand and toward the consumer. “Uncovering the nuanced differences between consumers and their decision processes rather than treating them as a single monolithic group can be the difference between a successful brand and one that gets left behind.” Rebecca goes on to disclose what some of these new metrics would look like in a practical market research setting.

She concludes: “It’s no secret that societal drivers have long caused changes in the way people make purchases. This will continue to play out as the shakedown of digital connectivity and the need for individual connections comes to the forefront. Market research and brands need to find ways to keep up.”

Check out her full article here: https://www.ama.org/marketing-news/no-rest-for-the-weary-shopper

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