Our Latest Fear Research Presented at IIEX Behavior


Our Latest Fear Research Presented at IIEX Behavior

Timelier than ever before, the virtual IIEX Behavior conference explores advances in behavioral science and provides real-world applications to the ever-changing purchasing climate. As consumer behavior shifts dramatically, both researchers and brands are looking to understand, measure, and drive these new habits. We are pleased to be a part of the speaker lineup for this year’s virtual conference, presenting some of our brand-new research on consumer fear and its effect on behaviors and sentiment.

Please join us for our session, “The Fears we Face: How Consumer Anxiety is Affecting Shopping Behaviors” on July 23rd at 1:00 P.M. Eastern. Registration is free!

Fear is a powerful motivator that affects many behaviors, including the way people make shopping decisions. Consumers are operating from a place of insecurity, driven by long-running trends and emerging concerns. This session will reveal new exclusive data that shows the impact of current events, such as the pandemic and mass protests, on fear and anxiety levels among consumers. Data was collected for this research in December 2019 and again in June 2020 – revealing the tremendous impact these last six months have had on the American psyche. Brands and organizations need to adapt to this reality to maintain authentic, trusting and engaged relationships with consumers.

In this session, we will:

  • Examine original research that compares data on fear-based decision making from before and during the pandemic

  • Explore how our current reality is impacting consumer brand perceptions and shopping behaviors, and what brands can do to keep up

  • Uncover the specific factors that are influencing fear and anxiety among certain groups and product categories

  • Understand the breakdown of specific demographic divides on spending and shopping attitudes

Our Facing Fear Research Series

Drawing on world-class analysis from researchers at Alter Agents and commentary by thought leaders in economics, political science, and psychology, this reporting series is a must-read to understand the consumer mindset entering the second year of the pandemic.

Facing Fear: Understanding Anxious Consumers
Facing Fear: Consumer Anxiety in 2020
Facing Fear: Overcoming Consumer Anxiety

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