What should brands and retailers focus on this holiday season? 


What should brands and retailers focus on this holiday season? 

It’s hard to know where to turn this season as so much has happened over the past few months, including a strong social justice movement that spurred many businesses to take a second look at their messaging, strategies, and even their brand names. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Devora Rogers, writes about how brands should go about engaging the holiday shopper in this environment for Women in Retail, a Total Retail publication. 


Research has shown that consumers are watching brand moves closely when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and social issues. This cannot be ignored during this important time of year for retail. Devora writes: “The holidays are an opportunity to build up your reputation by pairing your commitment to bettering society with the spirit of the season.” Brands have an opportunity to reassure their audiences in a time of uncertainty. 


She encourages retailers and brands to develop formal, long-term strategies now that show an authentic commitment to social justice. This means tangible actions and initiatives that take a stand, as customers will see through any empty promises or lip service. These actions must be grounded in “a deep understanding of your business, your goals, and your customers” gained through a comprehensive market research strategy. 


The article covers best practices for approaching this challenge such as: examining internal company values and their expression; repairing any broken links in expressing values; sharing the journey and commitment with customers; and ensuring that values permeate all aspects of the business.

Devora concludes with: “Chances are that your consumer research will show you that your customers are looking for you to take a stand. A company that clearly communicates its values and demonstrates those values through action will succeed this holiday season, and well beyond.” 


For the complete article, visit: https://www.womeninretail.com/brands-and-retailers-renew-your-focus-on-social-issues-over-the-holidays/


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