Time to Evolve, Market Research – We Write for the AMA

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Time to Evolve, Market Research – We Write for the AMA

Ever hear of “legacy systems?” It’s something the software industry bemoans, as people find it difficult to pivot to new, better ways of doing things. In many ways, market research is stuck in the same rut, using outdated metrics to explore brand loyalty that no longer exists. Our CEO Rebecca Brooks writes more about this in her latest article for the American Marketing Association, “Move beyond “legacy systems” for understanding brand (dis)loyalty.”


While we’ve long been talking about the need to move away from “brand narcissism” in research, the past year and a half have accelerated the need for change. The way people are interacting with brands and approaching their purchases is increasingly complex, and must be put into context. Rebecca writes that it is time to leave aside the “straightjacket comprised of a legacy system based on loyalty research” and evolve our approach to consumer insights. 

We’ve all found new ways to do things after the disruption of the past year and a half. It’s been messy and the “tried-and-true framework of the past” has failed us. Our new reality is complicated and influenced by a vast number of circumstances, one of the least of which is brand loyalty. In her article, Rebecca proposes another way of going about our work, encouraging researchers to:


  • Consider that people do not operate in a vacuum and are making decisions in the real world, within their own unique situations. 
  • Combine multiple market research methodologies in order to gain a more holistic view of the consumer audience. 
  • Find connections among the many data streams that are available, especially with the rise of digitalization, to find the best places to reach your customers. 
  • Uncover those moments when your offerings are perfectly suited for your consumer’s ever-changing set of needs and priorities.

She concludes with: “Traditional research models focused on brand perception and loyalty metrics are too restrictive to explore the essential ‘why’ driving consumer behavior. Evolving your market research and consumer insights strategies to encompass the true decision-making process will help optimize your offerings to fit the mindset of today’s customer.”


Want to learn how you can better understand your customer in a world where loyalty takes a back seat? Contact our team today!

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