We team up with Audacy to write about trust for MediaVillage

audio and trust

We team up with Audacy to write about trust for MediaVillage

Earlier this year, we wrapped up a study with Audacy (formerly Entercom) that examined the immersive nature of audio media content, as well as how this type of content connects and engages audiences compared to other media types. We recently teamed up with Audacy to write a piece for MediaVillage on the study and what it means during these uncertain times. 

In the article, called “Trust in Short Supply? Audio’s Immersive Nature Can Help Build It”, our Chief Strategy Officer Devora Rogers and Audacy’s SVP of Research and Insights Idil Cakim write about how essential trust is in our current ecosystem and how audio can help. They begin by framing the piece in light of Alter Agents’ consumer fear study, which found that “many groups are experiencing heightened levels of stress across the board.” Trust is in short supply.

One way to build trust is through emotional connection, something that we measured using neuroscience techniques in the Audacy study. The MediaVillage article explores the findings in depth, clearly illustrating that “audio to be the most immersive medium and the most trusted media source, well ahead of other traditional and digital outlets.” The authors maintain that audio’s high scores in this arena come from a sense of familiarity and belonging.

Best practices for marketers are conclude the article, including a point about how media placement decisions should be made based on a balance between reach and overall engagement. Other considerations include buying a mix of media that include audio for better consumer connection and finding the power of authentic engagement by tapping into multiple audio formats. 

Idil and Devora finish by saying that “Audio’s immersive nature forges deep emotional connections between audiences and brands. This means greater trust – something that we can all use a bit of right now.”

For the complete article, visit: www.mediavillage.com/article/trust-in-short-supply-audios-immersive-nature-can-help-build-it/



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