The Role Consumer Trust Plays in Audio’s Immersive Success

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The Role Consumer Trust Plays in Audio’s Immersive Success

Earlier this year, we wrapped up a study with Audacy (formerly Entercom) that examined the immersive nature of audio media content, as well as how that content connects and engages with audiences compared to other media channels. Among the findings of that study was that listeners expressed a high level of trust in local radio or podcast hosts. Audacy SVP of Research and Insights Idil Cakim and Alter Agents CSO Devora Rogers wrote about this in an article for MediaVillage, titled “Trust in Short Supply? Audio’s Immersive Nature Can Help Build It.”


Trust in Short Supply

They begin by discussing some key insights from Alter Agents’ Facing Fear study, which found that “many groups are experiencing heightened levels of stress across the board.” Trust is essential in our social ecosystem, but it’s in short supply as the stressors brought by the COVID-19 pandemic erode public trust in institutions.

One way to build trust is through emotional connection. It’s something that we measured for Audacy by leveraging our agile neuroscience methdology that determines the level of Immersion different content created with consumers. The article explores the findings in depth, which hold “audio to be the most immersive medium and the most trusted media source, well ahead of other traditional and digital outlets.” The authors maintain that audio’s high scores in this arena come from a sense of familiarity and belonging with audio hosts.


How to Leverage Trust

The article offers some key takeaways for marketers, including:

  • Not all reach is equal: Marketing decisions are often based on numbers alone but looking beyond simple metrics and seeking avenues that also offer deep engagement will have the most significant impact.
  • Multiply campaign effectiveness with trust: Augment TV-heavy marketing buys with audio, which study results show touches people’s hearts, connects with their minds and energizes them. Audio is trusted and more likely to trigger action.
  • Go all in, across audio: The medium is rich with authentic engagement opportunities, whether audiences are streaming sports games from their smart speakers, driving and listening to the latest news, or seeking some downtime with their podcasts. Go beyond digital pureplays, leverage the power of broadcast and streaming audio across formats.

“Audio’s immersive nature forges deep emotional connections between audiences and brands,” they authors conclude. “This means greater trust – something that we can all use a bit of right now.”


Our work for Audacy helped shine light on the strengths of marketing on their platform. Are you looking for smart, thoughtful research to help you make your business case?


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