How Today’s Shoppers Are Using Social Media


How Today’s Shoppers Are Using Social Media

As brands scramble to keep up with new shopper behaviors, it’s important to examine where these shoppers are getting information before their final purchase decision. We recently asked 6,000 shoppers a few questions, and we found that about two-thirds of shoppers today use social media as part of their shopping strategy. Our CEO Rebecca Brooks writes more about our findings, and their implications for brands, in her latest article for Forbes, “How Shoppers Are Using Social Media.”


The truth is that trends in the marketplace and the way people shop means that “the shopping environment is ripe for social media to take a pole position.” Rebecca writes about how brands need to engage with their audiences on these platforms, and pursue adaptable strategies that will keep up with current consumer needs and demands. 


When examining specific platforms and their impact, our study found that YouTube still dominates when it comes to influencing final purchase decisions, with Facebook and Instagram following closely behind. Influencers on these platforms still play a major role in decision making, with a third of shoppers turning to them in order to learn more. 


Generationally, use of social media in the shopping journey varies widely, as one would expect. Rebecca summarizes some of our data, writing, “Just 23 percent of Boomers told us that they shop on social platforms, compared to 77 percent of Millennials and Gen Z. And Facebook is less popular among younger shoppers: Gen Z is more likely to use Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram.” We also found that shoppers are using social media sources later in their shopping journey, consulting these platforms when they are closer to making a decision. 


Rebecca takes all this information and provides a few best practices and approaches for brands when they are tackling social media strategies. She says to focus on advertising to meet audience members on the platforms that they use most; understand the content they want to see; and to make content that is easy to share and engage with among users. The basis for building these strategies should be a solid shopper insights program that will deliver the data needed to boost understanding audience social media behaviors and preferences. 


She concludes with: “The brands that will be successful in the space are those who begin setting adaptive, research-driven strategies now to stay ahead of the curve.”

Are you ready to find out what your audiences are doing on social media before they buy? Contact us today. 

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