In case you missed it! Interviews covering our Shopper Influence research

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In case you missed it! Interviews covering our Shopper Influence research

We’ve been lucky enough to chat with market research and retail industry leaders over the past few weeks about some of the research and best practices we reveal in our new book, “Influencing Shopper Decisions: Unleash the Power of your Brand to Win New Customers.” In case you missed any of these lively discussions, you can still check them out here: 

ReelTalk live virtual event with VoxPopMe’s Jennifer Mancusi Vogel 
Our CEO Rebecca Brooks talks at length about some of the epiphanies in the book, saying “shopper promiscuity is on the rise, but market researchers are struggling to find insights. They are trapped in a framework defined by Brand Narcissism.” You can still listen or watch here

HappyMR Podcast with Jamin Brazil
Rebecca chats about several of the “meaty” topics in the book, reiterating the fact that the way people shop has changed fundamentally and they will be entirely different shoppers moving forward. It’s a new reality to which brands will need to adjust. Listen to the podcast here

Data Gurus Podcast with Sima Vasa
Our CSO Devora Rogers covers the foundation of our Shopper Influence research – and the impetus for the book – which began with the idea that shoppers were doing more research than ever before. She talks about Shopper Promiscuity, changing shopper values and how brands need to shift their approach to research. Listen to the podcast now

Now That’s Significant Market Research Podcast with Michael Howard
Rebecca discusses Shopper Promiscuity, and the mass shift away from loyalty as we’ve known it. She covers insights into how shoppers are behaving, the importance of reviews, why researchers should be focusing on actions rather than theoreticals, and also why the typical decision-making funnel no longer holds. Listen here

Video interview with IGA CEO John Ross
Here, John and Devora discuss changing shopper behavior in retail and how it is affected by media and net influence, plus how all of these things working together can make the independent retailer more effective at marketing and building shopper loyalty. Watch it here.

Happy listening everyone! And if you want to read a complementary chapter from our book, go here. 

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