New website highlights our client services and values

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New website highlights our client services and values

What does it mean to be a full-service market research consultancy? For us, it means a way of reimagining the way we work internally and with our clients to create a collaborative environment focused on insights. We do our best work when we are in an active partnership with our clients – being involved in the conversation and providing unlimited support to every client, always. 

Beyond how we work, we also reimagine the way research should work. Our custom approach to consumer insights is built on the ideas of ending brand narcissism, understanding the promiscuous shopper and grounding research in brand category. 

These perspectives and more are unveiled on our newly refreshed website at Here you will find easy-to-navigate, approachable descriptions of how we collaborate with brands to reveal consumer needs, priorities and context. We’re proud of the way our hands-on, white glove approach to consumer research has delivered great results for our clients, and our new site illustrates our results-driven methods. 

We worked as a team to identify the shared values we hold, which inform the way we work, both together and with our clients. These values include being candid, adaptive, playful and symphonic. (Want to know what we mean by this? Visit our values page.) 

Another fun piece to the site is that we took the opportunity to introduce and reintroduce our team members to you. From our CEO to our office manager, from our researchers to our support staff, every one of our “Agents” is integral to our team – and our clients’ success. Read more about them and check out our fun new headshots here

We hope you enjoy browsing our new site and much as we’ve enjoyed creating it! Questions? Reach out to us! 

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