Alter Agents Launches New Shopper Influence Research Program

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Alter Agents Launches New Shopper Influence Research Program

Today’s shoppers have limitless options and information at their fingertips, and they’re taking advantage of that power. They don’t need to rely on what they already know for their purchase decisions anymore, and that has a terrifying implication for marketers: Brand loyalty is rapidly losing relevance.


We conducted a fresh shopper study in 2021 and found that 76% of shoppers want to be as informed as possible when making a purchase. Where are they going for that information? How influential is it to them? What opportunities do brands have to intersect with shoppers at the right time? If they want to compete, brands need to stay in a state of constant acquisition. And that means that they need to understand the modern shopper.


That’s why we’re launching our new Shopper Influence Research program. The proprietary methodology reveals what really moves shoppers as they consider which products or services meet their wants and needs. It focuses on what shoppers did and why they did it, not on what they think they might do in a hypothetical situation. And it puts our clients on the path to practical, tangible business solutions. The research contains three flagship parts:


Source Usage – Where are your shoppers going for their information? Which sources are the top go-to’s, and which are ancillary?


Net Influence – How influential is each source to your shoppers in making their decision? Why are they so impactful?


Shopper DIAL – A deep look at final brand choices that compares initial conceptions to final purchase decisions.


All of this combines with other metrics to give brands tactical directions. You’ll know exactly where you need to be and what you need to say in order to gain the advantage over your competition.


This methodology is the latest iteration in a decade’s worth of shopper research. It started in 2011 with our groundbreaking Zero Moment of Truth study for Google, and we’ve used it since with companies like Schwab, Bose, Fortune Brands, and others. These studies are incredibly versatile – it works across product or service category, geography, demography, and customer segment.


We want to partner with your brand to bring your shopper research to the next level.

Let’s talk!

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